Uses and Benefits

Uses and Benefits of Window Tinting

Glass is a prominent feature in today's homes and businesses. Architects and builders are incorporating more glass into their buildings. The more windows and glass on those buildings, the greater the chances that the sun's heat, light and damaging ultraviolet rays will wreak havoc on the occupants, furnishings and HVAC systems. At ESP Co., Inc., we can reduce as much as 80% of the sun's heat, 87% of the sun's glare and 99.9% of the ultraviolet rays. Allow ESP Co., Inc. to help reduce sun damage to your property's interior.

    home window tinting benefits, office window tinting benefits, office window tinting securityEnergy Savings
  • Watch the cooling cost drop when you install window film. Window films can keep out as much as 80% of the sun's heat and dramatically lower air conditioning costs. During the winter, the same film will help retain interior heat by reducing heating costs. The return on investment is impressive.
    Comfort and Privacy
  • Our window films provide you with a clear view out.....actually enhancing your view by reducing annoying glare without making it seem dark in your home. Tinted windows can reduce the heat coming into your home by as much as 80%. During the winter, this same window film insulates the glass and helps retain heat.
  • You'll be more comfortable in all areas of your home no matter where the sun is shining. At the same time, window film adds a subtle look to the outside of your home while creating the level of privacy you desire.
  • Installation of window film is clean and unobtrusive.
    Safety & Security
  • Window film can help you solve problems with heat, glare, fading and privacy without blocking your view. It is a simple, cost-effective way to increase your home's comfort, energy-efficiency and overall appearance.
  • ESP Window Tinting films can provide a safety factor through the unique adhesive bond to the glass. Even the thinnest of films will form a tough barrier which will hold shattered glass in place. Unprotected windows leave you vulnerable to damage from earthquakes, tornadoes, riots, terrorist activities and civil disturbances.
  • ESP Window Tinting has many designed opaque and decorative products used to provide privacy and/or give a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to office partitions.

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