6 Window Film Benefits for Your Home

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Window film offers many amazing benefits that can save you money, make your home more comfortable, and even make it safer. Homeowners often assume that window film is just for tinting car windows, but that is not the case. In fact, window film is an affordable solution that addresses some of the typical problems associated with glass windows and doors in the home. If you’re a homeowner, you likely experience some of these issues on a daily basis.

Six Window Film Benefits

Here are six of the benefits you could experience in your own home with professional window film installation.

1 – Temperature Control

The micro-thin layers that comprise window film help insulate windows. This enhanced insulation reduces hot and cold spots around windows for improved indoor comfort while also greatly reducing the loss of indoor air that’s been heated or cooled by your HVAC system. Window film also rejects a significant portion of the sun’s solar heat and infrared light, reducing interior temperatures by up to 16 degrees. It retains heat inside during the winter and reflects solar heat during the summer. Window film’s heat rejecting and insulating properties typically result in significant energy savings and lower utility bills. 

2 – Glare Reduction

Glare is more than just annoying; it also causes discomfort, eye strain, and headaches, consequently interfering with productivity. Window film reduces glare by blocking a portion of the sun’s visible light. This makes it easier for you to see, work, and view electronic screens when you’re sitting near windows. It also lets you enjoy the view outside through windows with better clarity.

3 – UV Protection

Window film reflects up to 99.9% of the sun’s invisible UV rays, protecting those inside your home from sun damage when they’re near glass windows and doors. It also reduces fading, helping to prolong the life of furniture, carpets, wood flooring, and other items inside your home. By protecting your home’s interior from UV damage, you will not have to replace, refinish, or repaint materials in your home nearly as often. Furthermore, some items are irreplaceable, such as precious family heirlooms or original artwork. Window film preserves these treasures by blocking the sun’s UV rays from entering your home.

4 – Privacy

Window film can be easily customized to any privacy level. Some styles are transparent on windows so that no one even knows the film is there. Other window film varieties are more opaque for improved privacy. Specialty films are also available. For example, some films make it harder for outsiders to see inside during the day without obstructing your views to the outdoors as window treatments would. This variety of film also provides UV ray rejection and effectively reduces heat and glare. Or you can choose a decorative film that gives windows a beautifully frosted appearance while adding privacy. This type of film can be used on exterior doors and windows or interior glass surfaces like shower doors and room partitions in the home’s interior.

5 – Safety

Safety and security films make windows harder to break during storms and natural disasters or by vandals and thieves. For example, if an intruder tried to break into your home, the film would make it harder to penetrate the glass. This deters crime by forming a protective barrier. The durable film is bonded to glass with a very strong adhesive, holding the glass intact if it’s broken. This makes it more difficult for criminals to get inside your home, buying your family time to call for help, escape, or hide. This same feature reduces the risk of injuries to family members and pets from flying glass shards if windows are broken.

6 – Aesthetics

In addition to the functional benefits already mentioned, window film can improve old, unsightly windows. Decorative window film, for instance, can add character, interest, and beauty to glass surfaces. It comes in a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and textures. There are even films that mimic the look of expensive etched and textured glass but at a fraction of the cost. Decorative glass finishes serve a dual purpose of aesthetics and privacy. For example, applying a frosted film to a shower door as a design element also provides enhanced privacy. We also offer a film that mimics stained glass, which is a popular material for adding both privacy and beauty to front doors.

Window film provides many benefits to homeowners. Whether you require better temperature control, reduced glare, stronger UV protection, enhanced privacy, bolstered security, or elevated aesthetics, there is a window film to meet your needs.

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