4 Ways Window Film Can Protect Your Business

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There’s a lot to think about when it comes to keeping your business safe and out of harm’s way. You must protect your space from events like hurricanes, earthquakes, break-ins, and even unavoidable accidents. But what if a single solution … Read More

How to Lower Energy Bills to Cut Costs

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man looking at utility bills

The colder the weather gets, the more your home or building’s HVAC system has to run to maintain a comfortable temperature. That’s why utility bills typically skyrocket during the winter and the summer. Due to more extreme temperatures and fluctuations, … Read More

Easy Redecorating Ideas for Homes

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redecorated dining room

Trends change daily, meaning a design that was once popular eventually becomes outdated. Whether the décor in your home is stale and you want a fresh new look or your tastes have simply changed, redecorating doesn’t have to be overly … Read More

The Best Window Film for Office Privacy

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Whether you have your own private office or a glass-walled cubicle, finding privacy in open office spaces can be challenging. Flat glass is great for letting in natural light, but it isn’t the best for privacy. Window film is a … Read More

Reap the Benefits of Solar Window Film

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sunny living room

Do you have high heating and cooling bills? If so, it may be partially due to your windows. Sun exposure through windows can cause excessive heat gain and even damage furniture. An affordable and simple way to prevent these negative … Read More