7 Uses & Benefits of Decorative Film in Commercial Spaces

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modern office space with decorative window film

Decorative film, also referred to as frosted film or decorative glass finishes, isn’t just for shower doors in your home. In fact, if you aren’t taking advantage of decorative window film in your office or commercial space, then you are missing out on its numerous advantages. These benefits range from making an impression with stunning graphics and enhancing privacy, to mimicking the look of high-end materials and reducing harsh glare.

Regardless of whether you own or manage a hotel, office building, or run your own small business, decorative film has numerous applications that you may not have considered. Here are seven uses and benefits to give you some ideas about how window film can enhance your space.

1 – Mimics Expensive Glass

Decorative window film comes in countless textures, patterns, and opacities. The textures emulate expensive sandblasted, etched, or textured glass at just a fraction of the costs. It’s ideal for glass entryways, storefronts, reception areas, partitions and room dividers, and more. Install it directly on existing glass surfaces to save the expense and hassle of glass replacement. When professionally installed by ESP Window Tint, it’s durable, long-lasting, and backed by a lengthy warranty.

2 – Easily Changeable

While decorative window film is durable, it’s still easy to remove and swap out for something different when necessary. Change the look of any glass surface as often as you like without compromising the structural integrity of the glass or damaging it in any way.

3 – Affordable Branding

Decorative film can be cut into the shape of your company name or logo while using natural light for illumination. This is both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly compared to traditional signage. By integrating your brand into existing windows, glass doors, or glass walls, you can promote your brand while maintaining a streamlined appearance. With so many styles and patterns to choose from, you can really get creative with frosted film designs. In fact, our in-house graphic designers love working with clients to create a unique look.

4 – Improved Privacy

One of the most popular uses for decorative window film is to improve privacy in busy commercial spaces. On exterior windows, it protects the privacy of those inside a building, even at night. On interior glass walls, the frosted film transforms areas like meeting rooms and cubicles to prevent passersby from seeing in. A common application is to place an opaque strip at eye level on the glass walls of boardrooms or other gathering spaces in offices. This use of decorative film can alleviate the feeling of being in a fishbowl for occupants yet still allows spaces to feel open and bright.

5 – Enhanced Security

In addition to adding architectural interest and privacy, decorative window film can enhance building security. The frosted film prevents those on the outside of buildings from seeing in through glass windows and doors. By obscuring outsiders’ views into the building, they are less likely to detect behavioral patterns of the building occupants, making it more difficult to plan a break-in attempt.

6 – Conceal Private or Unsightly Areas

Decorative film is very effective at hiding areas not meant for public eyes such as stock rooms, equipment or work areas, dressing rooms, food prep areas in restaurants, and much more. Rather than replacing a glass partition with drywall or a glass door with a solid door, install decorative window film to conceal the private area.

7 – Diffuse Harsh Light

Decorative glass finishes help to diffuse harsh light from both the sun and artificial lights for improved indoor comfort. The textured film reduces glare, making it easier to view device screens and computer monitors without eliminating natural light entirely.

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