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Add Privacy and a Design Statement to your Space with Decorative Films

Add Privacy and a Design Statement to your Space with Decorative Films

Decorative films offer a low-cost alternative to sandblasted, acid-etched or stained-glass windows. You will enjoy all the same benefits of decorative glass, including privacy and improved aesthetics, at a fraction of the cost.

With dozens of finishes to choose from, decorative films offer endless design possibilities. Options include gradients, lines, dots, rice-paper styles and frosted appearances. Finishes vary in opacity, allowing you to achieve the desired privacy level for any space. If you’d like to customize the pattern of your film or add branding to your space, our in-house graphic designers can help you achieve any vision.

There's no need to replace the glass or use harsh chemicals, so the decorative film installation process can be completed with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

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What Decorative Film Can Do For You

Customize your office or home with style-sensitive design and practical features.

  • Elevate Interior Design

  • Increase Privacy

  • Diffuse Harsh Light

  • Add Custom Patterns or Branding

  • Make Design Changes Easily

  • Mimic Specialty Glass

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