Easy Solutions for a Hot Sunroom

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sunroom with natural light, floral furniture, wood walls, and brick floors

Sunrooms are unique spaces because they let you feel as though you’re outside and inside at the same time. You don’t have to worry about any pesky mosquito bites, but you also don’t have the fresh breeze to cool you off when temperatures start to climb. As sunrooms are mostly glass, they receive large amounts of light and quickly retain heat. While the extra warmth might feel good in the winter when it’s chilly, it can be unbearable in the dead of summer. Luckily, these hot sunroom solutions will help cool off your space so you can enjoy your sunroom all year long. 

Blinds & Window Treatments 

Installing blinds is one of the easiest ways to make your sunroom more comfortable. They block light and reflect heat to help maintain the indoor temperature. Blinds come in many different styles, so you can get something unique that matches your design preferences. There are also several types of blinds available, depending on your needs. Cordless blinds are a great option for families with children or pets if you are worried about cords being a hazard. 

Fans or Air Conditioners

You can always take it old school and simply set up a standing fan to circulate more air throughout the room. Ceiling fans are also a great way to increase airflow and aesthetics at the same time. As far as hot sunroom solutions go, both ceiling fans and standing fans are very affordable. If you’re searching for a more permanent solution, you can either expand the HVAC vents or go with one of these cooling methods: 

  • Window Unit
  • Portable A/C 
  • Ductless Mini-Split

Window units and portable air conditioners are great for tighter budgets. Ductless mini-splits are usually more expensive but worth the investment if you’re willing to spend the extra money. 

Window Film: The Best Hot Sunroom Solution

Window film is the best solution to cool off a hot sunroom because it’s effective, affordable, and practically invisible. 

Blocks Heat & Maintains Temperatures

Solar window film works by reflecting light, blocking heat, and helping control interior temperatures. Not only does this help keep your sunroom nice and cool in the summer, but certain varieties of window film will also improve insulation to maintain warmer temperatures in the winter. Window film also blocks 99% of damaging UV rays that cause skin cancer and furnishings to fade in color. 

Energy Efficient

By keeping the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter, your HVAC system won’t require as much energy. So while there’s an initial investment, window film eventually pays for itself with the money you save on your heating and cooling bills.   

Retains Full Visibility 

Where blinds almost defeat the purpose of having a sunroom as they limit the outside view, window film won’t negatively affect visibility. Some window films are darker than others, but you can control the level of tinting, so the film matches your specific needs.

If you want to add privacy and block more light, you may want to go with a darker tint or a tint with higher exterior reflectivity. Homeowners who want to affect the view as little as possible might prefer a clearer window film. No matter the shade, this solution for hot sunrooms works to block heat and keep your space cool. 

While there are several methods for keeping your sunroom cool, installing window film presents the best and most comprehensive solution. Allow the window tinting experts at ESP Window Tinting & Graphics to help you make the sunroom your favorite room in the house!

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