How to Reduce Energy Bills as Seasons Change

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Are you noticing that as the temperature falls, your energy bill rises? It’s a frustrating time of the year, but you’re not alone. And the best part – there’s something you can do to fix this.

Part of the reason your energy bill is skyrocketing is that you’re using your home’s heating system more, of course. But did you know that it could be inefficiencies in your home and heating system that are causing prices to boom? Luckily, we’ll tell you ways to easily manage costs and reduce your energy bill this winter.

1. Be more precise when lowering your thermostat

Sometimes, you don’t need to make dramatic temperature changes to be comfortable in your home. For example, try to make smaller incremental changes instead of lowering your thermostat by ten degrees. You may be surprised at the effect that just two or three degrees can make in your home. From there, try to adjust just one degree at a time. This helps you better understand exactly what temperature you need to keep your home at to stay comfortable. It is likely not the only solution you’ll need to dramatically reduce your energy bill, but it is a great place to start. And the savings could be significant over the course of the year.

2. Practice routine furnace maintenance

An easy and often overlooked way to reduce your energy bill is to check your furnace air filters regularly. They should be changed often and may benefit from a professional inspection. Your furnace works harder when the filters are clogged and dirty, which results in increased energy use. When you take care of this problem at the source, you will see significant changes in your energy bill.

3. Test for leaks 

 Your windows and doors may have leaks that are causing the increased costs of your energy bill. Testing for leaks is easy. Simply take a piece of paper, cut it into a three-inch strip, and place it under the door. If there is no resistance when you pull the door out, then you’re likely experiencing a leak. So, your precious heat is escaping through these cracks and causing your heating system to work overtime. Weatherstripping is a great and easy way to keep heat in and cold air out.

4. Look for a furnace that is ENERGYSTAR approved

If your furnace is more than fifteen years old, you may benefit from a replacement. Getting a newer furnace will not only operate at a higher level but will also improve efficiency when it comes to keeping your home warm and energy bills low. ENERGYSTAR-approved furnaces meet strict guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Not only that, but they’ll also result in a 15% increase in energy efficiency and up to $85 per year in savings.

5. Use a humidifier

A humidifier can keep your home warm without raising heating costs, reducing your energy bill. In the summer, you want to keep humidity out of the air because the water holds heat. However, you’ll want to do the opposite during colder months. The moist air you get from a humidifier feels much warmer than dry air. So, run your humidifier when the heat is on. This reduces your energy bill and static electricity.

6. Window Film 

Would it surprise you that this is likely the simplest yet most effective way to reduce your energy bill? Once installed, window film can result in year-round savings of up to 10%. This works because window film strengthens the insulating properties of your home. By applying window film, you essentially turn a single-pane window into a double pane and a double pane to a triple. The improved insulation will guarantee to keep your home warmer for longer during the winter. That means it will take less energy to heat it up and keep it that way. 

If you’ve been dealing with skyrocketing energy bill costs, put an end to it today. There are countless ways you can make a difference in lowering energy costs, but nothing works as efficiently and effectively as window film. Window film proves the best bang for your buck when it comes to quick solutions that you can implement just in time for this winter season. If you’re interested in learning more about window film, contact our team today!

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