How Window Film Quickly Solves Problems Caused by Low-E Glass

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Highly reflective low-emissivity or Low-E glass windows are great for the energy efficiency of your home, but they’re not perfect.

Low-E glass is more expensive than windows with regular glass but can help homeowners to save money on utility bills, so the investment pays off in the long run. Coated with thin layers of metallic oxides, Low-E glass saves energy by blocking heat while allowing natural light transmission in warmer months. In the winter, it works by trapping heat inside the home to keep it warmer, improving insulation.

While Low-E windows provide many of the same benefits as window film, Low-E glass can cause problems as well. One of the biggest problems is interference with cell phone and other device signals, due to the metal in the windows. But Low-E glass can cause other shocking issues as well.

These include:

  • melted siding
  • melted pool liner
  • burnt up lawn and plants
  • warped patio furniture

Low-E windows are designed to reflect the sun’s heat away from the glass. While this cools your space, it also increases the temperature of whatever surface the reflected light lands on. Additionally, glass in double-paned windows may warp or deflect due to the outside air pressure and the glass pane. This concavity acts as a magnifying glass, amplifying the temperature of the sun reflecting off the glass, resulting in melted surfaces like siding, pool liners, and more. Because vinyl has a melting point of just 160 to 165 degrees, a hot summer day paired with amplified glare from a Low-E window is a recipe for disaster.

ESP Window Tint Has Experience Solving These Issues

ESP Window Tint has encountered all these problems and more, and we’ve worked with our customers to come up with creative solutions. Here’s a true story of how we solved a significant issue caused by Low-E glass for one of our customers.

One day, our client called us looking for a solution because they had a difficult problem to solve that was causing tension between them and a neighbor. The client’s Low-E glass windows were reflecting the sun onto the neighbor’s siding, causing the siding to warp badly. The image at the top of this blog shows the siding damage.

After examining the damage and the windows, we decided that exterior film provided the best solution. We applied this specialty film to the exterior of the customer’s glass window to absorb the reflection of the sun’s heat and UV rays. This exterior film allows visibility in and out of the windows, just like before the tint application, yet it reduces 78% of the heat and rejects 99% of damaging UV rays. Because of its low reflectivity, not only does exterior film allow for clear views, but it also absorbs the reflection, reducing the likelihood of melted siding.

The solution worked. Our client was happy, and harmony between neighbors was restored.

More About Exterior Window Film

Exterior window films are the first non-metalized window films offering exceptional performance without metal that interfere with device signals or changing the look of your windows. The series includes both interior and exterior window films that won’t change the overall look of windows.

These films are comprised of hundreds of thin vinyl layers that are produced using a patented nanotechnology process. This technology creates nanometer-sized particles that provide superior heat control and glare reduction while preserving the view through windows. Exterior window film provides excellent energy efficiency and is the darkest version of the film in this series of window films.

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