Why Commercial Window Tinting is Improving Businesses in KY

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Why are so many companies investing in tinted windows? The truth is that that commercial window tinting improves the efficiency of businesses — especially if based in areas like Kentucky.
Let’s explore how this process can save money and improve the work environment.

Reduces Overall Glare

Glare reflections from non-tinted windows can range from annoying to dangerous. It’s annoying when you can’t see your computer screen because the room is too bright from sunlight.
However, things get dangerous when someone sits in an immovable spot with prominent glare spots. This sitting arrangement can cause significant eye damage to the employee.
Curtains are an option, but they can make rooms feel dark and sinister — not exactly the kind of environment you want to bring customers into. You can turn on lights, but then you’ll need to pay more for electricity.
That’s why tinted windows are an excellent option for letting in natural sunlight while blocking out the glares. It keeps your business well lit for free without any need for artificial life.

Cuts Down on Energy Costs

If you find yourself paying too much for your commercial utilities, then tinted windows may help cut down on costs.
Remember how when we mentioned that window tinting can regulate your office’s temperature?
Well, that regulation also helps you cut down on energy costs. The windows filter the heat out of the sunlight, which provides a natural coolness to the office.
So, you won’t need to pay as much for air conditioning. The insulating tints also retain warmth for longer in the winter, which will cut down on heating costs.

Protects Your Employees and Furniture From UV Rays

UV rays are the reason we wear sunscreen — prolonged exposure causes advanced aging, wrinkles, and skin cancer. In Kentucky, there are around 1,310 new cases of melanoma of the skin.
This type of skin cancer is the most deadly. As such, they pose a serious work-related risk to employees who sit in the sun all day. These UV rays can also damage office equipment.
They leave faded spots of computer and television screens. They can also fade the wall paint, artwork, couches and flooring.
Luckily, there are types of window tints that block out roughly 99% of all UV rays. These not only protect your employees but also the equipment they use every day.

More Attractive Design

Tinted windows improve the attractiveness of your business, which can draw in new business. Office buildings that utilize them look more sleek and modern. However, they can also help small businesses.
Imagine you’re outside a shop. If it has traditional windows, then there might be a glare which prevents you from seeing what’s inside.
A tinted film can draw the eye away from the windows and toward the logo or sign for your business. This lets people get a clear idea of what kind of business you run.

More Privacy for Business

If you run a business or retail shop, then you may not want prying outside eyes watching your deals and customers.
A tinted window helps protect the privacy of anyone entering the building or working in the building. They also make employees feel more secure when they work.

Better Security

If your business deals with expensive merchandise, then you will want to make sure that it stays protected. Unfortunately, glass windows provide easy robbery targets for criminals.
Tinted security windows provide a helpful solution. Thick films can make it much harder for a robber to get through glass. Instead of shattering into pieces the glass sticks together in clumps.
This feature also helps protect against natural disasters. Hurricanes frequently threaten Kentucky businesses, so this feature is a must.
If strong winds break the windows, then its shards of glass will spread everywhere threatening equipment and employees. Tinted security windows prevent this by holding the shards together.

Call ESP Window Tinting and Graphics For Your KY Commercial Needs

As you can see, window tinting can improve businesses around Kentucky — there are numerous benefits. It reduces UV rays and dangerous glare while increasing privacy.
It makes employees and customers more comfortable while giving your space a professional and modern look. It also cuts energy costs which will save your company money in the long run.
The more windows you tint, the greater your savings will be! If you need window tinting for your commercial property in Louisville, then contact ESP Window Tinting and Graphics.
We provide a variety of different services depending on your commercial window needs.