Is Tinting House Windows Worth It? What Every Homeowner Should Know

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Today, people value their privacy more than ever before. If you like to take extra steps to ensure your privacy, you may have asked yourself: Is tinting house windows worth it? 
There are some things to consider when deciding to tint your windows. It can be a big choice! Here is everything you need to know if you’ve ever considered it.

The Different Types of Tinting

There are three basic types of window tinting.
Decorative tinting is, well, for decoration. It will provide privacy like any other type of tinting, but is thinner than the other two types. You can get it in different colors, patterns, and motifs, making it perfect for those who want to bring out their inner designer.
Security tinting is the thickest type and made to protect your home. Security tinting can protect against burglars and storm damage, and also keeps you private. They’ll also work their best to prevent the window from smashing.
Solar tinting falls somewhere in the middle. It absorbs UV rays and helps regulate the temperature of a room, thus saving you energy. You can usually find it in neutral colors like silver.
All these tints will increase your privacy, and stop people from looking in. They type that you want depends on your personal needs. Make sure you know why you’re getting your windows tinted before picking.

Increase Your Privacy & Safety

The increase in privacy alone makes window tinting worth it for a lot of people. Some people worry about people looking in their windows, or burglars breaking in. Tinted windows not only add some strength to a window but make it impossible to look in.
It’s going to be a lot harder to break through a tinted window. This is especially true if you invest in tinted windows made for security purposes.
Burglars are more likely to go after what they can see. If they can see valuables in your house through the windows, they may strike. If you’re scared of this, window tinting is probably worth it.

Reduce the Heat, Save Energy

Every homeowner knows how pricy it can get to cool your house in the summer, and heat it in the winter. Tinting your windows will help with both of these.
Tinted windows help regulate heat levels by taking in UV light from the sun. This will save you energy maintaining your home’s temperature. It’ll keep the room cool in the summer, and improve heat retention in the winter.

No More Faded Fabrics

The sun can do considerable damage to couches and fabrics across your house. UV rays from the sun cause fading, every interior design enthusiast’s nightmare. With tinted windows, all your fading worries will go straight out the window (no pun intended).


If you’re the kind of person who likes to show off their home, tinted windows can be a great way to do this. Decorative film can be especially intricate and really make your home pop. You can get stripes, patterns, different colors — some companies will even make you custom tinted windows!

Possible Rebates

Some states offer rebates to people who install tinted windows! This is because tinted windows save on energy. This does not apply to all states, though, so it’s important to ask about possible rebates at your window tinter before making your full decision.


There are two options for installing window tinting: Do it yourself, or get a professional. Hiring a professional will cost you more, but will ensure that the job gets done right. If you do it yourself you run the risk of messing it up and having to start over, but save money.
Most of the time, window tinting is just a film that is applied to the window. It makes it thicker, protects it, and gives you privacy once installed. The film must be cut to size and applied with a specific tool, then set to dry for a given amount of time.
Installing window tinting is like putting a screen protector on your phone. Doing it yourself runs the risk of bubbles, scratches, and wrinkles if not done correctly. This is why many choose to hire a professional.
There’s also the option of installing entirely new windows with tint. This is the most costly option but offers you the opportunity to get brand new windows. Your budget will be the main determining factor when it comes to installation.
Tinting also takes a bit of time. Once the tinting is installed it needs to dry and “cure” for a while. This can take anywhere from 24-hours to three days, so always consider the timing when getting your windows tinted.

Consider the Warranty

Sometimes window tinting can void the warranty on the window. This probably won’t matter if you’ve got older windows, but will be a factor if you’ve just had new windows installed. It’s usually a good idea to check with the window manufacturer to see if tinting voids your warranty.

So, Is Tinting House Windows Worth It?

All of these things considered, is tinting house windows worth it? That’s up for you to decide.
If you like the idea of more privacy and protection, a little decorative flair, and energy savings, though, it’ll definitely be worth it. Home window tinting offers a lot of benefits at a relatively cheap price. They’re also a breeze to install or have installed, so you don’t have to worry about investing too much time or effort!
Weigh the pros and cons, and seek out the perfect tinting for you. Window tinting could be very worth it for you.
If you need your windows tinted and live in or around the Louisville area, check out our service page to see what we can do for you. Contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns. We’d be happy to help!