Preventing the Fading of Floors and Furnishings with Window Film

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Preventing the fading of your home furnishings is important. After all, it makes sense to protect costly furniture, flooring, and belongings you worked to buy. The same holds true for artwork, photos, and items in your home that have special meaning for you.

What Causes Fading Anyway?

UV rays from the sun – the harmful ray’s not visible by the human eye – are the top reason for fading. Have you ever noticed furniture that’s close to a sunny window fades faster? That is a result of UV rays hard at work. UV rays represent about 40% of fading issues; other causes of fading include about 25% from heat, 25% from visible light, and the remaining 10% are miscellaneous.

The rate at which an item fades is affected by other factors too. The material it’s made of plays a role, for instance. Natural fabrics like cotton usually fade faster than synthetic fabrics, created from man-made fibers. That’s because man-made fibers tend to hold dye better.

What Items Can the Sun Fade?

Items near windows, glass doors, or under skylights, get the most exposure to sunlight, so they are most vulnerable to fading. These include natural wood floors, carpets and rugs, wallpaper and walls, window treatments, furniture, fabrics, paintings, artwork, and photographs. Some of these items are expensive to replace or irreplaceable if they are one of a kind or hold special meaning to you. That’s why preventing fading is important.

Preventing Fading with Window Film

Window film efficiently and dramatically slows the progress of fading to keep home furnishings looking their best for longer. The film works by blocking up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays and reducing visible light and solar heat. These are the three top causes of fading.

3M™ window film works so effectively at preventing fading that it’s trusted and used at museums and historic homes around the globe to protect valuable artifacts and collections, while at the same time preserving the original aesthetics of old windows and buildings.

Whether you think your home furnishings and keepsakes deserve the same level of protection or you just want to get the most out of your investment, window film is a good solution. In addition to preventing fading, it has a plethora of benefits including: improved comfort, reduced glare, and boosted energy savings. Start reaping the many benefits of UV-blocking window film!

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