Safety & Security Film: A Business Necessity in Uncertain Times

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Vandalism is expensive for businesses. Besides costly repairs, businesses often have to close for days or even weeks to recover. The business disruption and lost sales further add to the expenses of the owner. Because we’ve seen the devastating effects rioting and protests have had on local businesses firsthand, we wanted to shine a light on several effective technologies for deterring vandalism. These include safety and security film and video surveillance used in conjunction with lighting and remote speakers.

Safety and Security Film

Safety and security window film adds a virtually invisible layer of strength and protection to windows and other glass surfaces. This makes glass much harder to penetrate. However, criminals can’t see that it’s there and won’t understand why glass doesn’t easily shatter. This not only deters smash-and-grab crimes and looting, but it also protects your business from stray rocks and other objects thrown by protesters. When professionally installed with a super-strong adhesive, it creates such a tight bond with glass that it can even protect windows and glass doors from the impact of explosions when paired with an Impact Protection Attachment System.

Criminals must apply greater force and make more attempts to penetrate glass reinforced with safety and security film. The greater effort required, the increased time to puncture the glass, and the noise they create all work in combination to deter the criminal.

When objects are thrown to break glass, whether by accident or intentionally, windows strengthened with security film will often deflect them. Furthermore, although the glass may crack, the film is bonded to the glass so it holds the glass in place. This makes it harder for a criminal to gain entry even though they’ve broken the glass. As a result, the film reduces property damage and injuries to anyone who is inside the building because the glass doesn’t shatter and spray.

Video Surveillance, Lighting, & Remote Speakers

In addition to security window film, video cameras, even nonworking ones, are powerful deterrents to vandals and burglars. When they see cameras, looters will think twice about targeting your business. No one wants to be captured on video committing a crime. To be effective, cameras must be highly visible. Place them in areas such as glass storefronts, front and rear entrances, and alleys adjacent to your business. Use cameras with motion detectors so that the would-be criminals know they’re being followed by the camera. Furthermore, an additional benefit of window film when used in conjunction with video surveillance is that the glare reduction properties of the film aids in capturing a clear shot of the perpetrator for easier identification.

Add lighting in the areas where you’ve installed video surveillance. This prevents criminals from hiding in the darkness. Also consider using cameras with night-vision capabilities and remote speakers. A loud remote speaker will announce to the criminal that they’ve been spotted and are being videotaped. This will scare away most vandals as it creates noise which can attract passersby and law enforcement.

Learn More About Enhanced Security for Commercial Buildings

We’ve helped many businesses to repair and reinforce windows damaged by rioters and protesters, so we’ve seen the damage firsthand. We’d love to use this experience to help you come up with creative window film solutions for protecting your own business.

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