3 Important Benefits of Security Window Film in Homes and Businesses

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Looking for an affordable way to improve the safety and security of your home or business? Safety and security window film may be the perfect solution for you. Windows and glass doors are the most vulnerable aspects of a building’s exterior. Consequently, they’re often the route that criminals use to gain entry. Window film provides an additional layer of protection to glass that can shield homes and commercial buildings from vandalism, break-ins, accidents, and even acts of nature like tornados.

Engineered with heavy-duty polyester, Llumar® safety and security films bond to glass surfaces with a strong adhesive. When professionally installed, the film helps maintain the integrity of the glass, making it much harder to penetrate. The film holds broken glass pieces in place, reducing the risk of injuries from flying shards.

Here are three ways that safety and security window film works to protect residential and commercial buildings, as well as the valuables and people inside.

1 – Deters Break-Ins

Security window film deters criminals in several ways. First, it makes it much more difficult for burglars or home invaders to gain entry through windows or door glass. Would-be intruders will be expecting the glass to easily break, because they won’t know the glass is protected with window film. However, they will quickly learn that the glass fortified with window film is much stronger than meets the eye. They must apply greater force and make more attempts to penetrate the glass.

The greater effort required, the increased time to create an entry point in the glass, and the noise they create in their attempts are all powerful deterrents. The criminal may just decide that your home or business isn’t worth the extra effort or chance of being caught and move on to an easier target. Even if they do stay and continue to hit the glass until a hole forms, the window film would have bought you and your loved ones additional time to hide, call for help, or flee the situation.

2 – Reduces Damage from Vandalism & Accidents

From a teenager throwing a rock at your bedroom window to a disgruntled employee trying to spray paint your office window, security window film helps reduce vandalism, as well as minimize damage from vandals and accidents. As we’ve already mentioned, security window film fortifies windows so they’re much harder to penetrate. This means they can deflect objects like rocks or even a misguided baseball or golf ball instead of allowing them to soar through your window. If vandals with spray paint are a problem at your business, there’s even a special type of film that protects against graffiti. This anti-graffiti film reduces the costs of expensive repairs to exterior glass and stainless-steel surfaces. It easily peels away so the graffiti disappears with it.

3 – Protects Property & People in Storms, Natural Disasters, & Explosions

Whether it’s a tree limb puncturing through a window during a bad storm or glass breaking from the impact of a nearby explosion, security window film holds dangerous shards of window glass in place, making them less likely to scatter across a room. This can reduce or prevent injuries to your loved ones at home or your employees at work, as well as protect interior furnishings and valuables. Additionally, an attachment system is a necessary component of a window bolstered with safety and security film when intended for natural disaster protection. The attachment system anchors the glass to the window frame, preventing the glass pane from flying inward and causing harm to people and property within.

Llumar Safety & Security Window Film Products

Llumar safety and security window films are available in several options, which combine other benefits. Solar safety and security window film is a great example. This film strengthens windows while blocking heat and reflecting the sun’s harmful UV rays. The enhanced solar protection makes homes and businesses more comfortable while reducing energy costs. Exterior safety and security film is another specialty option. This film is designed especially for retrofitting buildings with no access to interior window surfaces. It adds a strong, scratch-resistant coating that enhances glass performance in high-impact conditions. If preserving the exterior appearance of your home or building is important to you, rest assured the Llumar offers a clear security film. The window tinting experts at ESP can help you select the perfect solution for your windows.

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