Update Your Space in 2023 with Window Film

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Window film is an affordable, fast, and high-impact way to update your space in 2023. Whether you want to increase energy efficiency, improve temperature control, add security or update the aesthetics and style of your space, many different window films are available to provide the results you’re looking for. Learn more about how different window films benefit your space.

Enhance Aesthetics & Privacy with Decorative Window Films

Decorative window film is a great way to add a unique design element to your space while increasing privacy. These films are available in various opacity levels and patterns. They are applied to existing glass surfaces, adding flair and a customized level of privacy to plain glass. Decorative window films are an attractive, cost-efficient alternative to sandblasted, etched, or stained glass that instantly elevates the interior design of your space.  

Whether you’re looking for a decorative element that adds a luxurious touch or want extra privacy and light control, decorative window film is the perfect solution. It’s easy to install with minimal waste and no additional construction, so you can immediately enjoy the full decorative benefits. 

Decorative Window Film Benefits:

  • Dozens of finishes to choose from, making customization easy
  • Create custom patterns with our in-house graphic designers
  • Boost privacy
  • Diffuse harsh light without eliminating natural light 
  • Cost-effective alternative to specialty glass
  • Installation process requires minimal disruption or downtime
  • Easy to maintain or even update to a new finish when you’re ready to refresh your space again

Boost Energy Efficiency with Solar Window Film

Windows allow for outdoor views and a sunlit space, but they can also welcome uncomfortable heat, glare, and UV rays. When the sun’s heat enters through windows, HVAC systems work hard to maintain the desired interior temperature, causing energy bills to rise. 

Solar window film is a great way to enjoy natural light while improving energy efficiency in your home or office. These films allow ample sunshine and reject heat, glare, and dangerous UV rays so you can enjoy the best of both worlds — a comfortable, naturally lit space. By rejecting heat, solar window film creates more comfortable interior temperatures and takes some of the work off HVAC systems, lowering energy bills. 

Solar Window Film Benefits:

  • Reject heat for more comfortable interior temperatures
  • Improve efficiency and lower energy bills
  • Reduce strain on HVAC systems for longer lifespan
  • Minimize bothersome glare
  • Reject harmful UV rays to minimize fading of furniture and flooring
  • Maintain a naturally lit space 

Increase Safety with Security Window Film

Windows make your space vulnerable. After all, with a simple strike, they can be broken, posing a threat in the event of break-ins, natural disasters, and other catastrophic events. Luckily, security window film can strengthen windows in residential and commercial spaces for elevated protection!

Security window film is made with thick, heavy-duty polyester bonded by strong adhesives, providing a formidable barrier for intruders, inclement weather, and accidents. In addition, security window film can minimize harm and damage caused by flying shards of glass, as it holds broken glass in place. These films offer an extra layer of security and peace of mind – ensuring that occupants remain safe in the face of security breaches or natural disasters.

Security Window Film Benefits:

  • Deter break-ins and theft
  • Minimize harm and damage caused by flying shards of glass
  • Protect against natural disasters & inclement weather
  • Safeguard property and people in the event of a bomb blast

If you want to update your space in 2023, window film is a comprehensive solution that can address issues like security, energy efficiency, and privacy. Whether you’re looking for increased protection, comfort, energy efficiency, or simply a more aesthetically pleasing window, ESP Window Tint can work with you to identify and install the perfect window film solution! Contact us today to get started on your search for the ideal window film for your space. 

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