4 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

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With everything going on in the world, if there’s one place you deserve to feel safe, it’s at home. Whether you’re cooking dinner for your family, watching the Sunday night football game, or sleeping peacefully in your bed, you should feel safe and secure. And with burglaries happening every 18 seconds in America, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are a few practical and straightforward ways to make your home safer and give you peace of mind: 

  • Install an Alarm System
  • Setup Security Cameras
  • Add Window Treatments
  • Apply Safety & Security Window Film

Install an Alarm System

One way to make your home safer is to install an alarm system. Alarm systems will notify you if someone has breached the premises, whether it’s through a window or a door. Although alarm systems are excellent for providing a sense of security, they often come at a high cost. You’ll typically have to pay a monthly fee to keep your alarm system activated after the initial installation. However, it can keep your home protected when you’re home and even when you’re away. 

Setup Security Cameras 

Alarm systems are a great line of defense on their own. However, they’re even more effective when paired with security cameras. Having video surveillance around your home gives you a complete view of who is accessing your property at all times. This additional layer of protection provides value when you’re resting peacefully at home and when you want to check in on things while you’re on vacation. 

Add Window Treatments 

There’s a lot to love about having big, bright windows that allow natural light to fill your home. However, they can also give neighbors and passersby a front seat view into your home. Without window treatments, your home could become a target for theft or burglaries if perpetrators identify an item of value. Installing window treatments blocks outsiders’ visibility into your home. This privacy becomes especially important at night when lights are on inside, creating a backlit view of your family’s activities.

Make Your Home Safer with Window Film 

While alarm systems let you know when an intruder breaks into your home, they don’t provide a physical barrier to entry. Safety & Security Window Film offers an invisible layer of protection to glass windows and doors, making them harder to penetrate. Even delaying a burglar for a few minutes can give you more time to notify the authorities and get your family to safety. The film also serves as a deterrent to the intruder, which could lead them to abandon their break-in attempt for an easier target.

Protects Against Accidents & Natural Disasters

While window film helps protect against burglaries and break-ins by making it more difficult to access your home, it also provides defense in an accident or natural disaster. Not only does safety and security film delay intrusion by holding the glass together if it breaks, but it also mitigates damage from flying glass shards. Holding the broken glass pieces in place with the window film’s durable adhesive technology can minimize injury and potentially prevent a deadly accident. 

Along with making your home safer, there are other reasons why window film is worth the investment. Not only can it help protect your family, but it also saves energy, lowers utility bills, and blocks harmful UV rays. The multi-purpose nature window film means you’ll experience its benefits even if your home’s security is never tested.

Creating a Comprehensive Security System

These security measures we’ve outlined to make your home safer complement one another. While they provide incrementally improved security individually, they are most effective when implemented in tandem. Reach out to our window film experts today to fill one of the missing links in your home security system.

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