What Are All the Benefits of Window Tinting Your Home

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Are your windows everything you want them to be? Yes! No…maybe?
Did you know you can get give your windows energy-saving, UV ray-blocking, burglar-deterring powers without spending thousands of dollars replacing them? 
You can get these benefits and more by simply window tinting your home. Professionals do this by applying a thin film to your windows. There are several types of film that you can buy and the type you choose will be determined by which of these benefits is most important to you.
Check them out below!

Save on Energy Bills

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, heating and cooling costs account for about 43% of the average household’s energy bill. 
If you know anything about heat transfer, you know that your windows are your home’s weak point. Insulation in the walls, floor, and ceiling slow down heat transfer considerably in modern homes, but it’s the windows that really matter. In other words, window tinting keeps the heat in during the winter and out during the summer. 
Many windows are treated with a low-E coating that consists of an extremely thin layer of metal oxide. This, along with clear gases trapped between the panes of double- or triple-paned windows help to insulate your windows quite a bit as well. 
If your windows are lacking this coating, applying window tinting is the perfect way to significantly insulate your windows. Households with older windows that typically don’t have this coating or have single-paned windows will see the biggest drop in their energy bills.
But even if your windows do have this coating, adding the right kind of tinting will still help you enjoy a bit of savings each month. 

Keep Out the Bad Guys

UV rays aren’t the only things that window film can help keep out.
Ever been driving along and have a rock hit your windshield? Chances are, the windshield didn’t shatter in your face like a window would. Even if the rock comes all the way through, the windshield will often stay intact — you’ll just have a hole where the rock came through.
This is because windshields are made with a special type of glass that is resistant to shattering. A car accident is bad enough, but shards of glass all over the scene would make things a lot worse for the occupants of the car.
Security window tinting has a similar effect on home windows. If something strikes the window, it helps hold things together and you won’t end up with shattered glass everywhere. This helps not only when a burglar is trying to enter your home, but also during storms or when the neighbor kids are playing ball.
Basically, window tinting is an advantage anytime there is a possibility that something will strike your window.
Of course, a thin piece of film will not stop a determined thief, but it will take longer for him or her to get through the window, giving you more time to react.

Increased Privacy

In the same vein, thieves break into houses when they know there is some good stuff to steal. Without curtains or blinds, it’s easy to see into a home at night from the outside when the lights are on in the interior. 
Thieves will often stroll through a neighborhood after dark to see who has stuff that’s worth stealing. They can also see when you’re home alone or the house is completely unguarded.
Window tinting cuts down on that visibility. Aside from security, it’s also nice not to have your neighbors privy to everything that goes on inside your home.  

Window Decoration

There are also many options for adding a decorative touch with residential window tinting. Darkened window tints give your home a more sophisticated appearance, mimicking the appearance of fancy, high-end windows. 
Decorative films can also be a fun, unusual way of personalizing your home. Choose from different colors, patterns, gradients, and even custom designs and murals. 
Films don’t have to be permanent so it can be a fun way to decorate your home for a time. If or when you get tired of it, you can change it out for something else.

Ready for Window Tinting Your Home?

You may have started reading this article wondering how a thin film on your windows could possibly benefit you. By now, you see that window tinting your home actually offers a host of benefits.
From saving money to protecting your skin, your valuables, and your privacy, or simply giving your home a bit of added decoration, window tinting can accomplish a lot. 
Excited about the possibilities? Have more questions about benefits, installation, pricing, or anything else? Contact us today. 
Let us know what you want to get out of your window tinting and we can help you choose the perfect product for you!