Window Film for Offices: Discover All of the Benefits

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There are many reasons you might consider window film for your commercial building. Not only does window film offer a quick return on investment by improving energy efficiency, but it also provides several additional advantages. Learn more about all the benefits of installing window film for offices and why it’s a worthwhile investment for your business. 

Benefits of Window Film for Offices 

Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider installing window film for your office: 

  • Improves Energy Efficiency & Reduces Costs
  • Blocks Damaging Ultraviolet Rays
  • Elevates Aesthetics & Branding
  • Enhances Privacy & Security 
  • Reduces Glare & Increases Occupant Comfort 

Improves Energy Efficiency & Reduces Costs

Did you know that over 30% of estimated cooling costs are due to windows? Solar heat penetrates the glass, causing indoor temperatures to skyrocket during warmer months. By installing window film, you can lower heat gain in the summer by nearly 80%. With the energy savings, window film for offices can generate a return on investment in as little as three years. Not to mention, some energy and utility companies also offer incentives for installing window film. 

Blocks Damaging Ultraviolet Rays

Although windows reflect some ultraviolet rays, they don’t block all of them. Applying window film to office windows, doors, and exterior glass surfaces can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Not only do ultraviolet rays cause skin cancer, but they also cause furniture, textiles, flooring, and other valuables to fade in color over time. Window film can prevent fading and help protect against UV rays to keep your occupants and furnishings safe. 

Elevates Aesthetics & Branding

Transparent glass offers a sleek, modern feel. But too much clear glass can begin to feel monotonous and bland. Decorative window film can breathe new life into your space by adding texture and dimension. Films can imitate etched glass, offer bold geometric design, or bring a pop of color. The possibilities are limitless! You can even leverage decorative films to incorporate branding into your glass surfaces.

Enhances Privacy & Security 

Window film can also improve your building’s privacy and add a supplementary layer of security. Depending on your needs, you can add frosted or opaque window film to improve office privacy. It makes adding privacy to a glass conference room or individual cubicles or offices easy and affordable. Safety & security films fortify glass surfaces against threats such as forced entry or natural disasters. If the glass is shattered, the film’s durable adhesive technology keeps the fragments intact, preventing the intruder from gaining entry and occupants from being injured by airborne shards.

Reduces Glare & Increases Occupant Comfort 

One issue about having a lot of windows in an office environment is glare. During the sunny parts of the day, you may notice a light shining on your screen that makes it difficult to read. Glare isn’t just annoying, but it can also cause eye strain and headaches. Darker tinted window films can limit the sunlight penetrating the glass to reduce glare without eliminating outdoor views. This leads to improved occupant comfort and a better working environment. 

Invest in Window Film for Your Office

Are you ready to start reaping the benefits of window film? With an estimated ROI in around three years and a whole host of other advantages, you only stand to gain by installing window film in your commercial building sooner rather than later. So reach out to one of our window film experts today for a free consultation.

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